A Certain Bolt Deserves Credit for the Popularity of a Common Construction Technique

Steel frame construction is a proven, reliable way of building many types of structures and equipment. While the process of assembling something in this manner could be a little more demanding than with certain alternatives, the results will often last longer and hold up better to stress and challenging conditions.

This is particularly the case when the right materials and tools are employed throughout the process. While plenty of care should be taken in selecting the type of steel to be used for the frame itself, there are much smaller parts of equal importance that sometimes go overlooked. Making sure to specify, obtain, and use appropriate tension control bolts is one way of making a steel frame project much more likely to become a success.

An Important Purpose Repeated Many Times at Small but Significant Scales

Also commonly referred to as “tc bolts,” fasteners of this kind are absolutely essential to most steel frame construction undertakings. Instead of being driven directly as is typical of some other construction and assembly techniques, bolts like this are meant to be tightened to a specified, desired level in each and every case.

That greater level of control over the forces involved allows for a higher degree of regularity all across a particular project. As a result, a frame constructed in this manner will often exhibit more predictable and desirable performance in a wide variety of ways and for a long time to come after being put together.

Although each individual bolt plays only a small role in the overall scheme of things, their collective effect is, therefore, an impressive and desirable one. This, in fact, is a major reason for why steel frame construction so often makes good sense.

Many Different Choices and Options to Suit Particular Needs

As might be hoped, there are many different types of such fasteners on the market, with each possessing its own blend of strengths and intended applications. In many cases, the easiest way to narrow down the field will be to focus on parts that comply with widely recognized and well-understood standards.

ASTM International, for example, creates and promulgates standards that benefit many steel frame construction projects all around the world. With parts like A325 tension control bolts exhibiting clearly defined behaviors, tolerances, and specifications, being able to quickly select the right fastener for a particular project becomes much easier. That helps make such bolts even more suitable and valuable in the many situations where they are needed.